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Classified NameDescriptionRegion
Blindside 21 RentalAre you looking for an place to call home or to settle down your business? If the answer is yes, Blindside 21 Rental is where to build your dreams and life - style foundations. Stop by to see availability at the rental office.Blindside Estates 2
WELCOME TO THE GREAT CANADIAN The Great Canadian Cabin is a fantastic Hangout spot and event area for everyone to chat, mingle and be yourself. All are welcome! We also have land rentals! Great Canadian Cabin
BE Residential DistrictPlace to live or visit. Catch the train to visit other regins close by.Blindside Estates
BE 2 Downtown DistrictPlace to shop, and live Blindside Estates 2
SouRising RegionSoulRising provides a spiritual place to meet like minded people to talk and share about your spiritual experiences, as well as all the ongoing events all around the worldWolf Mountain
Glossy IslandsSailing, Romantic Shacks , choose the one you prefer in this litle paradise in OsGrid’z beautiful world sim. Fly or sail all the way to various area or all around lovely white sand coastline of ValLands. Home Rentals.Wolf Mountain
ValLand ShopMy little Shop for scripted content : NPC Companion, Teleporter, SkyScraper, photoStudio, gong, etc... Come see, you might like somethingWolf Mountain
The Love BoxWelcome to the Love Box, a naughty place where you can share you fantasy, desire and fetishism about those lovely Tgirl, shemale , femboi, femboy, trans, transgender, gurl, sissy and maybe enjoy some sex and cock.Wolf Mountain
Weddings @ The Last ResortTeleport to the Sky Wedding Area.. Join Guest Pass group for access. The Last Resort
Blue RoseClub de amigos, con la mejor musica de siempre, blues,county, romance. Desde 2023. CHEMA K y NEF. Y un modesto homenaje a Madrid y al Real Madrid.Blue Rose
LuxorThe Land of the Golden Lotus, Luna's home, and a place of meditation and mystery for spiritual pilgrims. The region rewards those who are patient, still, and listening, for there are quiet songs that will play at various locations if you stand and wait.Luxor
Lunaria Emporium - Main StoreLunaria Emporium is Luna's main flagship store with themes that include Christmas, Gothic, Magic, Castles, Airships, Medieval, Japanese, Roman, Entertainment Venues, Renaissance, Modern, Ruth 2, and Freebies. All structures are on display to walk through.Lunaria Emporium - Main Store
CoS City HallCity of Serenity, a place to live, play and relax with many attractions, all categories as far as PG, Mature and Adult (for those that are of legal age). We also a House of Prayer for and a security team for the protection of everyone. Come and explore!City of Serenity 55
Tropical IllusionsTropical Illusions invites you to a feast of Entertainment from Live DJ to Live Singer, DJ Illusions will be spining the decks from 11 until 12 in the Sound of Eden, Then we have the incredible Zoree Jupiter from 12 till 1 singing for your pleasure, Celebrating Wolf Territories, i would love to see you all here, Dont forget to check out Wolf Territories Grid to some incredible trains Inspiring Mountains, or watching the ocean from the Beach, to the pirate area, or if you wanted to visit the amazing Art Gallery we have some amazing artists, See you soon ;-)Tropical Illusions
Get your Shop or OfficeGet in touch with Lone Wolf if you would like a Shop or Office in our Art Gallery area. Limited supply. These are FREE Looking for - Creators who build and sell for gloebits Artists Musicians Busiensses who want a virtual presence Contact Lone Wolf for details Wolf Territories Ocean 20
Tropical IllusionsTropical Illusions come and chill out at the incredible new island with 2 new gorgeous clubs, Sound of Eden, and Santorini, Home of Wolf Territories Grid, with over 440 Regions over 4 blazing fast servers, Full access to the ocean if you fancy sailingTropical Illusions