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Radio Stations

If you would like to add your stream to this list please email [email protected] or use the SUPPORT section in our discord

There is a FREE radio at Wolf Mountain that automatically loads these streams. Or you can add them to your land.

Station NameOwner (avatar name)DescriptionStreamWebsite
WTGR Wolf Territories Grid RadioLone WolfWolf Territories Grid Radio Station
TGF RadioBlkchina FoggartyTGF Radio, Time to Funk Da World - Funk, R&B Reggae, Smooth Jazx, Old Schoolhttp://
GC RADIO AFROBEATSChief Inglewoodhttp://
GC RADIO HUBChief Inglewoodhttp://
GC RADIO R&BChief Inglewoodhttp://
GC RADIO SMOOTH JAZZChief Inglewoodhttp://
GC RADIO UNCUTChief Inglewoodhttp://
WBLR103.7Chief Inglewoodhttp://
WATERS EDGE WINERY & BISTROChief Inglewoodhttp://
WMDC RadioTruly Levee
Right Time RadioDayta Dochesterhttp://