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Land Purchase

Rent land from Wolf Territories Grid

Whatever your dream, you can build it at Wolf Territories Grid. Check out our amazing features.

  • Premium Servers
  • Gloebit or Podex (Wolf Territories $) currency choice
  • Up to 120 avatars on your region
  • Upload and download OAR files
  • Instant set up for regions - regions will be added to the edge of the grid but can be moved once set up very easily
  • Live Support via Discord (when available) or Ticket System
  • Publish your events and regions in our destination guide and events system
  • Bulletsim or UBODE Physics Engine choice (change any time)
  • Now with Tidal water! (turn off in region settings)
  • Connected to our massive 28432 (Second Life equivalent) regions for you to explore
  • Change currencies, region names and much more without having to raise tickets and wait for someone to do it for you
  • Our AMAZING unique random terrain generator can instantly create beautiful mountains and lakes on your region with 1 click
  • Add managers to your region to allow them to manage the region with you

Please note, you will be charged in UK Pound Sterling and it will convert to your local currency when you are charged.

A community grid run by it's members, once a month community meetings

Order Here - Instant Delivery

Prices are shown in UK Pounds, GBP,EUR and USD but we accept any country. This will convert when you pay to your local currency and may include a charge from your bank/card.

All regions are sized at 1024x1024, 4x4 regions, equivalent of 16 second life sims.

If you would like 8x8 or 12x12, or would like to buy in bulk - 50, 100 regions at once, discounts available. Please Contact Us, these region sizes are availiable on request.

Price list - Fees are automatically taken monthly, cancel any time

20000 Prims (Bronze - Basic)
At the edge of the grid in the south
50000 Prims (Silver - Professional)
Popular, choose if not sure, will be moved to mid ocean
1.2 million Prims (Gold - Business)
Premium Location, will be moved to busy traffic areas

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Land purchases are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions

Please double check your entries here, if you would like to buy more than 3 regions please contact Lone Wolf!

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