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Peacekeepers are the in world helpers of the grid. They are staff if you will. Many of them have been on the grid for some time and will willingly help anyone if required.

To become a peacekeeper you must own land here and have experience of using the control panel at

All the peacekeepers are incredible and we are so grateful for their time and dedication.

This is not a tag that we give to just anyone, often, peacekeepers are already doing the job before they get any official title!. So if you are interested in becoming a peacekeeper please get in touch with Lone Wolf or email [email protected] with your avatar name.

Our current honoured peacekeepers

AnjelMarie Carlucci, Araya Sunshine, Beo Wulf, Birdie Wixx, Blkchina Foggarty, Bonnie Parker, Chief Inglewood, Colorado Glasswing, D1i2c3k4 Blindside, Daphne Harper, DJ Illusions (Grid Admin), Glow Stick, GMinteractive Resident, IndigoQueen King, Jaelle Falodir, Jimmy Olsen, Lone Wolf (Grid Admin), LP Kidd, Luna Stormfeather (Grid Admin), nate martin, Sahra Venus, shana straycat, Tay Blindside, True Judah, TrulyUnique Levee, Wicked Way